All Treasures will liquidate you or your loved one's estate in an efficient and professional manner.  We will price and tag every single item in the estate and provide all tables and display materials needed for the sale.  For items that are not within our expertise, we will confer with our consultants about these items.  However, if you, our client, has any input regarding the value of any items, it is always considered.  We have been in business for over 16 years.

All Treasures has created itself a reputation in the estate sale industry in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and we have done several sales outside the Metroplex and has received high respect for their work.  References will be available upon request.

We will place an advertisement in the local newspapers and email to our mailing list of over 3000 individuals about your sale.  We will post pictures on our web site of items in the estate sale.

All Treasures will conduct the sale in a professional and efficient manner and our number one goal is to sell every item at the maximum price that benefits you as our client.  We will provide necessary staff for the estate sale to ensure security to you or your loved one's treasures.

At the end of the sale, we will provide you some options for remaining items.

If you need the services of All Treasures, please contact us by either phone or email to arrange a consultation for your needs, at no charge.  Once a verbal agreement has been made, then a contract will be signed by All Treasures and the appropriate individual(s) for the estate.


All Treasures will come to your location and access your items needed to be appraised by taking photos, measuring, etc.  We will then take that information and research the item or items and provide you with a complete appraisal report with values.  This is NOT a part of Estate Sale Services.


There are a few instructions before we begin your estate sale. 

1.  Please dispose of any medications.

2.  Please remove all personal items from the home prior to All Treasures beginning work including personal photographs and papers.

3.  Please clean out the refrigerator and disconnect ice maker, if to be sold.

4.  Please disconnect the washing machine if to be sold and if dryer is gas, please disconnect the gas.

5.  Please keep all utilities, except telephone service.

6.  Please do not throw anything away, we will determine whether an item is of value and can be sold.  The saying "one man's trash, is another man's treasure" is true.

7.   There is no need to clean out the kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. as we do this as we prepare for the sale.

8.  If you come across any instruction booklets for any of the appliances or other household items, please set these aside for us.



1.  We have worked many hours to prepare the house for your shopping convenience, please be considerate and don't make a mess with the merchandise.

2.  When you come in the front door, please close the door behind you as well as close the door when you leave.  (Unless, of course, someone is right behind you.)

3.  Please be considerate of your fellow shoppers and respect those ahead and behind you and treat them as you would expect to be treated.  Please do not cut in line and DO NOT RUSH THE DOOR WHEN THE SALE OPENS.  Do not block others from entering, if someone picks up an item, do not grab at it and if someone is looking at something, don't reach over in front of them and get an item.

4.  We do not allow sold tags, other than our own.  If you wish to purchase an item, ask one of our associates for a sold tag.  You are then obligated to purchase that item.  Do not hoard items and then "decide" later to "go through" those items to decide if you plan to purchase them.  You have taken them out of the sale when you set them back and could cause an item to miss a sale if you decide not to buy.

5.  Be sure to examine all items closely and carefully before you pay for them.  Remember all items SOLD AS IS, NO REFUNDS.

6.  Entry to the home might be limited to the amount of shoppers the first hour without prior notice.

7.  Prices are not negotiable the first day of a sale, but discounts will occur over the course of the sale, after the first day.  If you wish to leave a bid on any item over $50, please ask for a bid sheet.  If you bid on an item, please honor your bid if you win the bid.

8.  Buyer is responsible for removal of items purchased by one hour before closing on the last day of the sale, unless a prior arrangement has been made.  Please bring your own help as our employees DO NOT help load.

9.  Please understand that if anyone is caught stealing, we will call the police.

10. Doors will open at the published time, not before.

11. If you pick up an item and decide not to buy, please place item back where you got it.  If not, please give to an employee and ask them to put the item back where it belongs.

12. If there is trash at the curb, please don't make a mess by tearing open the trash bags.

13. Please have your money ready when checking out, in other words, don't get to the check out and let us ring you up and then tell us you have to go to your car to get your money.  You are tying up the cash register as well as the line behind you.

14. Please do not bring food or drinks into the house and do not leave your trash on the front porch.

Thank you for your cooperation and have fun shopping for all your treasures.